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Learning about your body type

“Your dress should be made to suit your body. You don’t need to change your body to suit your dress.”

In this post, I will share some tips and tricks to help you to select the silhouette that suits your body type most closely. However, identifying your body shape is actually only a small step toward finding the perfect dress for you. For example, you may find you are a pear shape, but with shorter legs and a longer torso. Or you may find that because you want to look sexy, the A-line dress just isn’t what you want for your wedding day, even though your body type says that’s what you “should” wear……. This is where I come in as your designer to personally develop the exact dress and shape to suit you.

“No two bodies are the same”

Although you will need to define exactly what it is that will work for your body specifically, below is a guide for you to gather ideas about what sort of styles you can try on in-store when you come in. This is your starting point.

Our next blog will be about dress Silhouettes.

Let’s talk through the most common types, and some tips for picking dresses for each type. 

Understanding your body shape is an important aspect of choosing the perfect wedding dress. As a wedding dress designer, I have years of experience working with all kinds of body types. No matter what your body shape is, I promise you that there are designs that will make you look divine.

A pear body or triangle shape

Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, so stay away from cuts that are too tight to the body as they will accentuate your hips. The most flattering silhouettes for this body type are the princess and A-line silhouettes.

Tip: Create volume on top with lace, sleeves, one-shoulder dresses, draping or oversized accessories. This will give your body balance.

An apple body or round shape

If you have rounded shoulders, shapely thighs, and lack a defined waist, then you have a round or apple shape. High-waisted cuts such as the empire and A-line silhouettes will help you elongate and slim your figure.

Tip: Look for flowing fabrics.

Inverted triangle shape

If your back is wider than your hips your body shape is probably an inverted triangle. Try to create volume in the lower part of your body through wide skirts; princess cut and A-line silhouettes are your best option. Dresses with a fitted waist and wide skirts with detailing will help to add volume to the lower body and balance out the outfit. Use structured voluminous fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, lace or taffeta. Close-fitting necklines will help reduce the fullness of the bust, shoulders and back; a strapless sweetheart or straight neckline will be most favourable.

Hourglass shape

If you have a very well defined waist and your shoulders are the same width as your hips, you have an hourglass figure. The advantage of this body shape is that many wedding dresses are designed with it in mind; many wedding dress silhouettes will fit you well. Mermaid silhouette wedding dresses are ideal for this body type, as they highlight curves. You will also look great in princess, empire, or column gowns.

Rectangle shape


This body type is characterised by a straight torso, with shoulders and hips of the same width, and a non-defined waist. Fitted styles like empire and A-line cuts will enhance the bust and accentuate the waist. V-necklines and strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses would be flattering. Avoid square necks, and straight or tight-fitting gowns. 


While considering body type is an important part of finding your perfect wedding dress, the most important thing is to find a style that suits your personality and makes you feel beautiful! If you need help to find your wedding dress, I would love to meet you and work together to ensure that you look stunning on your big day. 

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