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For many brides, a wedding means making a dream come true. The decision of what to wear on that day is not easy, and the journey to find the perfect dress is a part of the dream.

New Zealand wedding dress designer Lainee Hermsen wants to help every woman find a dress that reflects their essence, nature, and personality, with a primary focus on the silhouette, and on comfort. Inspired by her mom’s passion from when they used to sew clothes for the family together, Lainee’s childhood dream was to become a fashion designer. It’s a dream she’s lucky enough to have fulfilled when she graduated with a B.A in fashion design at the Design and Arts College of New Zealand in Christchurch. 

I handle every stage of the dressmaking journey from start to finish, to ensure that you are getting the dress of your dreams. While brides may expect dress shopping to be overwhelming, I prides herself on making you feel at home and ensuring that your personality shines through in your gown.

Lainee’s passion for couture comes across in fittings and consultations in my studio boutique, where you will feel in expert hands. Lainee has over 15 years experience in bridal fashion. This has allowed her to perfect the exquisite craft of bridal couture, ensuring her brides receive only the highest quality, and exceeding expectations with beautiful details. Lainee’s designs are elegant, romantic and powerful. Drawing on her inspiration from the simple beauty of her environment, and from her experience working with bridal designers across Europe, Lainee creates timeless gowns.

In her expert hands, your dream gown will become a reality.

Lainee's Journal
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