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Choose the Right Shade of White

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The first time I meet with a bride, they usually know exactly what colour gown they want – until they try that colour on.

If you are not sure what shade of white is best suited to your skin tone, my advice is to get different swatches of fabric, stand in front of the mirror, and hold each up against your neckline. Take your time and notice how each shade makes your skin look, and then eliminate the swatches until you are down to just one or two.

Your skin will most likely have yellow or pink undertones. Similarly most shades of white will either have a yellow undertone like ivory, or a pink undertone like off-white. In reality, there are very few who are well suited to a pure icy white, most people suit off-white the best.

There are some general rules of what dress colour will complement your complexion.


Fair complexion

Best suited to ivory, a warm shade of white that has a hint of yellow to add warmth to your skin. Pure white may be too stark and wash out the colour from your face.


Medium complexion

Best suited to ivory, a warm shade of white that has a hint of yellow to balance out the pink undertones in your skin. A white with pink undertones such as champagne could make you look flushed and red, though off-white would still look good


Olive complexion

Best suited to off-white, a cool shade of white that has a hint of pink to balance out the yellow undertones in your skin and give you a fresh look.


Dark complexion

Best suited to any shade of white, and particularly well suited to pure white. However if you are dark with olive undertones, be wary of yellow-based whites, such as ivory.


Our Haarlem in Bloom Collection is available in ivory, white or off-white. If you are not sure which colour will suit you best, please talk to me and I can help you make your decision. 


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