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Who is Lainee

For most designers, the journey starts as a young girl, obsessed with fashion magazines and dress-up games. For Lainee, her beginning was in the mud. Behind a guitar. Climbing a tree. Her wild, yet humble, and adventurous nature was best suited to activities that resulted in scraped knees. It was the same sense of rebellion that had her distracted from “normal” studies and chasing more alternative ones… like design and sewing. After taking a path that was both ambitious and less than ordinary, Lainee found her true passion in bridal design.

With a natural and intuitive understanding of a woman’s form, inspiration from the very leaves she used to tumble in, and the ability to look past trends and capture shapes that are timeless, Lainee Hermsen has developed an aesthetic that speaks to women of all backgrounds. Of every shape. For any kind of wedding. The design process is pure creativity and an absolute joy for Lainee. Collaboration with brides is an exciting challenge that she is always eager to tackle. The end result is a multitude of dresses leaving her shop in the hands of smiling brides, the two perfectly matched, and each gown as unique as the bride it belongs to.

Haarlem in Bloom

Lainee Hermsen Bridal Design has released a collection of 15 stunning wedding dresses. Each gown from the Haarlem in Bloom collection is constructed in your chosen colour, to your exact measurements, using premium laces and fabrics and quality craftsmanship.

The accessible price point and unique online ordering system enables more brides right across the world to enjoy Lainee’s elegant, timeless designs.

Arrange a time to visit or Skype Lainee, so she can guide you through accurate measurements, listen to your customisation ideas, and answer any of your questions. If you have found the dress you love, and have been professionally measured, then you are welcome to place your order online.

You will receive your custom tailored wedding dress between 6 - 10 weeks and Lainee will be on hand every step of the way available by email, phone or Skype.

Every gown has further options for customisation and is delivered with a breathable garment bag and special wedding gown hanger.

Lainee personally inspects and packs every gown before being dispatched by DHL courier anywhere in the world. International shipments are sent using the Go Green express service counter our carbon footprint. We have a close relationship with our ethically sound manufacturer in the bridal centre of Shanghai and support fair worker’s wages.

The full range is available to view in Lainee’s design studio based in Nelson, New Zealand.



Lainee's History

Lainee is of Dutch heritage and was raised in Nelson, New Zealand where her studio is located. Her freelance experience in New Zealand and Europe includes fashion styling, garment design and production, Collection design for childrens wear, teaching sewing classes and coordinating fashion shows.

2005            Graduated from the Design and Arts College of New Zealand with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design. 

2006            Opened “Mover” a street wear design studio and shop in Nelson.

2006            Made first wedding dress.

2010            Opened “Lainee Hermsen Bridal Design” in Nelson.

2013            Designed Mokopuna Merino's 2014 winter collection.

2015            Launched “Haarlem in Bloom” Bridal Collection.



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