If you wish to be on our waiting list please fill out the form below, or if you simply want to read about our levels and plans moving forward then scroll to find out more below.

The following information is how we plan  to move forward through the different levels of Covid 19 management.

(see personal note from me at end of page)

Level 4: 

All gowns on order are currently in production and most of them will be held in customs until the courier drivers are allowed to deliver them to us.

All new orders will go straight into production and we currently have no delays on new orders. 

I am able to help with measurements and discuss your dress via video calls (click the video calls link above to my booking page to pick a time) 

Gown choices, order processing, advice, phone calls, messenger chats and design sketches are all services I can currently offer so feel free to get in touch at any time.

We are keeping a record of all clients who wish to come to the store, including those who have been waiting and missed out on their appointments during April. These clients will have priority and we will contact you all individually when the time comes for that special booking to be made.

Please send me an email if you wish to be on the waiting list: lainee@laineehermsen.co.nz

I’m busy stream-lining plans for the wedding season ahead and making sure our processes are smooth and that we can handle the load when it does finally arrive. If you are thinking about making a dress order, then order asap if you can. This will make it a much more enjoyable experience for both you and I.

I’m also working behind the scenes on some exciting new developments during level 4!

Level 3:

At this stage all of the Level 4 services are still available, everything will remain the same, as well the exciting part - Dresses can be released from customs and be sent to me! Once I have them I will check for quality control, take them through a sterilising process and then provide contactless delivery to your door! Yay!

I’ll also be able to get back into my studio and start sewing on this new brand I’m about to release! Woohoo!!!! Bring it on! Sneak peeks will be included! So keep an eye out for those in my story xx

Level 2:  

At this stage I guess we don’t really know exactly how it will look, but I do hope to be able to offer all my usual services, open the doors to the store and get all you beautiful brides booked in for the exciting stages of your wedding dress journey, from consultations to measurements, to alteration fittings after your dress has arrived.

We will need to follow hygiene protocol rigorously for this stage to ensure the safety of everybody entering the store including yourself. This may include restricting the number of friends you bring with you, and also taking less appointments in order to have time to sterilize the gowns and surfaces in between. All of the information needed will be provided to you at the time of booking.

And last but not least … I will be able to action the photoshoot plans for the beautiful new brand!!!!!! AARRGGGHHH!



A note from me:

Hi everybody, I have to say I am so incredibly proud of our country and our leader and how well we are doing under the current circumstances. It has been heartwarming for me personally to have such wonderful support and encouragement from clients as well as other industry vendors. One thing I have learned from this experience so far, is that without each other - we really have nothing. Material things, privileges, and freedom are amazing and help to keep us entertained,  but still we have nothing, if we don’t have one another. 


For me, the yearning to be with loved ones is far stronger than any other loss. So let’s remember this as our focus, this is the reason for our actions, and why we need to continue to be strong.Sending love to you all, and CAN’T WAIT to eventually see your faces and be a special part of the amazing wedding plans that follow. I also have some super exciting things in the pipeline to share with you.

Kia Kaha, keep safe, sending my love.