Hi and welcome to our FAQs page

Brides have so many questions, so here are some answers for you xx



Do you have a store?

Yes, our flagship store is at 16 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson

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Can I try on dresses or are they only made to order?

Yes, we have a full range of sample dresses in store for you to try on.


What sizes do you have?

We can produce from a size 4 to a size 32, but every gown is made to measure.

Each gown is made to measure and this includes the length of the dress. We do not encourage set sizing, this is to minimise the need for alterations. Due to the cost of holding stock, the sample sizes are mainly 10's to 16's.

 Although there are less options for larger sizes, it has always been a positive experience and outcome for each bride, because Lainee has great advice and can help to show silhouettes in the mirror etc in order to decide what is the best gown for each individual.


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

For your first consultation please bring your ideas/pinterest board and anything you think will help Lainee... to help you. It's better to wear light or nude coloured underwear, you will not be wearing a bra when you try on dresses so there is no need to find  nude one.

For your measurements please bring some heels similar in height to what you will wear on your big day. Please also have some thin fitted clothing to wear, preferably tights and a singlet (you will be measured with no bra on). 


Does it cost to try on dresses?

Yes, we have $50 consultation fee which is credited toward your dress if you choose to buy one. Your second consultation and all appointments thereafter are free.


What is your price range?

Currently the price range is $2300 - $3500 for collection gowns, prices may vary if you are wanting to make changes or custom design a dress.


Do you have payment plan options?

Most commonly there is a 50% deposit required in order to start measurements/production and to secure your spot in the season. Some brides choose to pay off the deposit in weekly instalments until they reach 50% and then the dress goes into production. 


What shape will suit my figure?

It is hard to say what will suit you until you have tried on some dresses as each individual is completely different to the next. Lainee can advise you on how to enhance your best features and hide the bits you don't like.

There is also information on each product to help guide you on styles to suit.


Will I need alterations?

In a nutshell, yes. Although you will be measured, each person has a unique shape and can vary in many ways, some people have a sway back, or one shoulder higher that the other, or if the dress hangs differently on your body then it may need hemming etc.

Your first fitting when the dress arrives is always with us. We work closely with Sam from Pyne & Eid Tailoring who can join us for that fitting and then continue with the alteration work on your dress. Alternatively we have other recommendations or you are more than welcome to take the dress elsewhere. 


What happens if I lose or gain weight before the wedding?

Lainee will usually have a chat with you before ordering to ensure the timeline is right for you, e.g. if you are planning to run a marathon or go on a crash diets she will try to measure you after this, or compensate by taking firmer measurements. Ultimately if you loose or gain weight then alterations are at your own cost.


When is the best time to come in to start looking for my dress?

Lainee strongly recommends beginning your search AT LEAST one year before your wedding date.


When is the best time to be measured and order my dress?

This is best discussed with Lainee at your consultation due to production overload at different times of the year, and also accommodating time for alterations, fittings etc. The latest time to order is recommended AT LEAST 6 months prior but preferably a year in advance. Sometimes it is possible to order within 10 weeks of your wedding, but the more time Lainee has the more relaxed and focused your experience will be.


How long will it take to produce my dress?

As above this needs to be discussed with Lainee, but anywhere between 8 weeks to 4 months depending on the time of year and on the dress (custom designs take much longer)


Do you make or sell accessories such as veils?

Yes, Lainee designs handmade veils and accessories such as hair pieces. You can try on the veils during your consultation.


Can you send a dress to my location?

Yes, Lainee often arranges measurements via a Skype video call and can then produce and post courier your gown directly to you.


Are Lainee Hermsen Bridal gowns made in New Zealand?

Lainee designs all her gowns herself in Nelson, she hand made every gown for around 7 years, and due to fabric supply and demand dropping hugely due to an influx of badly made internet sales, it became too competitive. In 2015 she went to meet Jodie in Suzhou in China, whom takes care of all of Lainee's production work. She also had the chance to shop for all fabrics and embelishments so she had a lot to work with remotely back in New Zealand.

Jodie and Lainee work closely to ensure their small team of 15 adults are able to enjoy fulfilling the high quality and standards that Lainee Hermsen Bridal is proud to provide. Together they have developed a trusted relationship and Lainee usually hears back from Jodie about any queries within 24 hours if not sooner.

Lainee is also provided with a tracking number for each individual gown and each gown is insured form door to door.