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This was such an incredible story and an honour to be a part of. I had no idea that Jony wore one of my gowns on her wedding day. It wasn’t until someone tagged me in a viral article that I recognised the dress – I asked Jony who was also tagged if she could tell me about her dress. It turned out to be a gown that was a bespoke design for a client in Marlborough who had sold it second hand to Jony in Auckland. Jony then had it refitted with a lace-up insert in the back. Since then I have also been blessed with forming a close friendship with her Photographer Pia, who recently visited Nelson to join me as a behind the scenes photographer on our new ‘Botanica’ photoshoot. —Just a lovely connection between us all.

“My strong mother has been battling cancer and her only wish was to be able to watch Alistair and I get married. When Alistair proposed, him and my mother broke the news that our perspective date was exactly one month away! And so the madness began. With all the rush there had to be compromises and details left behind. One thing I had to let go of was a brand new wedding dress but I found a dress I absolutely loved, secondhand made by you guys! Once I found the dress, everything else started falling in place. Seriously! We found our venue and vendors in a snap and in a blink of an eye we made it to our wedding day! It was absolutely magical and I wish I could re live it everyday. By the end of our first dance, we dedicated the night to my mother and all those who have been affected by cancer. Alistair and I shaved our heads and took any donation which would go to the Cancer society. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out!”

 Photographer :


Our gowns are customizable and we offer bespoke design also. Please see tiers of service to learn more.

All our gowns come with a garment preservation bag and hanger, care instructions, a loop and tie for a discreet bustle, and any spare lace left from production.

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